• Which topics will be discussed at WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2024?

The topics will be discussed what are new opportunities are emerging in the dynamic world of online commerce, retail technologies, e-commerce trends of the future,  innovations in the e-commerce ecosystem, AI, and new strategies and technologies of e-commerce.

Professionals will share their experiences on e-commerce and strategies for managing the complex environment of e-commerce.

Participants will gain invaluable insight into the latest technologies, shifts in consumer behavior, and the evolving ecosystem in the renaissance of commerce.

• Is there an online event at WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2024?

No. WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2024 is organized as a physical event. Physical participation is required.

• What is One to One?

One to one sessions will take place at the event. In these sessions, there will be a session chair and a speaker. Speakers from level 4 and 5 partnership will take part in the one to one sessions.

• What is a panel?

Panel sessions will take place in the event. Panel sessions consist of 1 session chair and 3 speakers. Speakers who will take part in the panels according to their areas of expertise will share their experiences and knowledge with the audience.

• Will there be entry-exit restrictions to the stages?

Yes. There will be entry restrictions to the stages. The entry limits based on types of tickets. You can reach more information about tickets and tickets rights.

• Who can attend VIP sessions?

VIP sessions participation differ depend on ticket types and partnership levels. 5. Level of Partner and VIP ticket type can participate the VIP sessions.Who can participate in a talk show?

• Is translation or transcription service available?

Yes. During the event, simultaneous translation will be in the every stages.

• Who can enter the VIP Lounge area?

VIP ticket holders and level of 5 partners can enter the VIP Lounge area.

• Who can enter the PRO Lounge area?

PRO ticket types holders, VIP ticket type holders and levels of 3, 4 and 5 partners can enter the PRO Lounge area.