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"If WORLDEF stands as the pinnacle in technology gatherings, WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2025 will emerges as the undisputed 'champion league' in retail tech and e-commerce events."







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What the world says about us​

"WORLDEF is a fantastic event. Watching the participants, you can understand the significance of e-commerce worldwide. WORLDEF is a great success globally." - New York Chamber of Commerce​

"We closely follow WORLDEF's e-commerce events with appreciation. Our collaboration is directed towards the national interest through the mission of the bank. Our partnership goes beyond sponsorship." - Türkiye İş Bankası​

"We are at WORLDEF to see SMEs, undertake strategic operations, and fully reveal and enhance the potential of Turkey." - ebay​

"WORLDEF is a convenient place for us to meet Allegro sellers in Turkey. We are here to meet new sellers, establish connections, and conduct meetings." - Allegro​

"The system established for companies to reach out to us is excellent. We've had quite a few meetings, exchanged business cards. It's intense and tiring, but we don't realize how quickly it passes." - Hepsiburada​

What our attendees say​

“WORLDEF events are ones we joyfully participate in, and we are always pleased with their outcomes. I learned many valuable things from the panels. Moreover, they are very beneficial for forming new collaborations.”​

"Bringing together different perspectives and fields, and having all stakeholders in the ecosystem focus on the same topic make WORLDEF unique in its field."​

"There are quite good sessions and speakers. Very active in terms of networking. Participants shared all their experiences in e-commerce. Congratulations..."​

They’ve spoken…​

Arjun Sarkar

Senior Director | Dubai Commerce City

Ed Vaizey

Former UK Minister for Technology

Richard Marriott

Country Manager | Amazon Turkey

Neil Patel

Co-Founder & Youtuber | Neil Patel Digital

Oana Antohe

Senior Director | eMAG

Jijie Shen

General Manager Europe | Alibaba.com

Learn from leading global organisations​

Professional e-commerce​

In a world centered around technology and digitalization, do you know what you'll need for the future of e-commerce? Strategic vision is essential for progress in the industry.​

WORLDEF ISTANBUL focuses on innovative e-commerce technologies and key aspects of cross-border e-commerce. It hosts prominent figures and industry professionals from the global e-commerce ecosystem and the digital world for three days to share their expertise. It hosts high-level sessions and discussions.​

Get inspired by the unique opportunities of WORLDEF ISTANBUL to grow in the industry and discover networks tailored to your business!​

Some of the topics covered in previous events include:​

Marketplace secrets: the key to victory against algorithms​

Simplified customs processes and customer experience in cross-border e-commerce​

Establishing a profitable e-commerce operation with a focus on optimization and efficiency​

Networking – Deal Room​

WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2025 is the gathering place for e-commerce-focused platform founders, investors, entrepreneurs, logisticians, and those curious about the industry from around the world.​

We facilitate meeting the right people for B2B collaborations in your industry.​

The B2B Matching and Networking Application, Deal Room, developed within WORLDEF, is a unique appointment system designed to make it easy to schedule meetings, meet new people, and communicate with participant brands. Use Deal Room to send messages to your targeted individuals or brands and schedule meetings.​

Deal Room consolidates everything you need for networking at WORLDEF ISTANBUL on a single platform.​

After networking and establishing business connections at the event, you can immerse yourself in the history and culture of Istanbul. Besides business opportunities, we also offer you the chance to explore Istanbul, which ranks among the most beautiful cities in the world.​

Lead generation​

"We see that WORLDEF events develop every year. The participant profile is excellent. We will continue to provide support." - Aras Cargo

"The quality of participants here is very high. It brings together leading qualified names from various industries. It's the largest e-commerce event in Europe and a very enjoyable atmosphere." - BusinessUp!

"At WORLDEF events, business partners and collaborators in need of each other come together, resulting in fruitful collaborations." - Ozon Global

Market trends​

In today's conditions, surpassing your competitors can become nearly impossible. WORLDEF ISTANBUL provides an opportunity to learn about industry trends and business strategies from professional experts. It imparts a vision for competing according to the trends.​

Meet professionals, share your ideas, and explore the latest trends in the industry.​

​ WORLDEF ISTANBUL is a bridge for you to discover the renaissance of commerce and the future of e-commerce!​


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