• WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2025 programme is online!

You can view the program flow from this link.

• What is WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2025?

WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2025 is discharge its responsibility for the solid foundation of the future of the industry.

With the theme “The Renaissance of Commerce: E-Commerce,” WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2025 brings together the global stakeholders of the e-commerce ecosystem in the metropolis of Istanbul.

As e-commerce evolves, e-commerce brands that want to be part of this transformation in the new century come together at this unique e-commerce event in Istanbul, which is tantalizing for e-commerce opportunities.

• When is WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2025?

      WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2025 will be held on 15-16 May 2025 at Dr. Kadir Topbaş Show and Art Center/Yenikapı Event Area.

• Where can I see the full WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2025 programme?

The full programme of WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2025 is reached on web site. You can click here and see the full programme of WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2025.

• How can I find WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2025 on social media?

You can find WORLDEF ISTANBUL 2024 WORLDEF’s official social media acoounts. WORLDEF’s official social media accounts are listed below.

• Which security checks will be carried out?

The safety and security of attendees at WORLDEF is our primary concern. Security checks will be mandatory when entering event area.

• Is there a car parking service in the event area?

Yes, there is parking area at the Yenikapı Event Area. Parking at the Yenikapı Event Area is restricted capacity. You may be able to avail of parking in the surrounding areas, but we cannot guarantee that there will be available spaces.

• Will there be wifi in the event area?

Wifi will be freely available throughout the event area.

• Is there a food and beverage area in the event area?

You’ll be able to purchase beverage and food during the event. The food and beverage points are located in event area.

• Can I bring my own food to the event area?

You are permitted to bring your own food. Also food anvd beverage options available at the event venue.

• Will the vendors in the event area accept card payments?

Yes, all food and beverage catering units inside the venue will be accept card payments.

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