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1-What are cookies?

1.1. What exactly are cookies and why do they enhance user experience?

Our platform utilizes cookies.

Cookies consist of small text files that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you access a website. Subsequently, these cookies are sent back to the original website upon each subsequent visit or to another website that recognizes them. The significance of cookies lies in their ability to enable a website to identify a user’s device.

Cookies perform various essential tasks, such as facilitating efficient navigation between pages and remembering user preferences. They play a crucial role in understanding how our website is utilized and enhancing the online experience. Additionally, cookies contribute to ensuring that the online advertisements you encounter are more tailored to your interests.

2-What kinds of cookies do we employ?

2.1 Which cookies are utilized by WORLDEF?

Essential Cookies: The majority of the cookies we employ are session cookies, automatically deleted from your hard disk at the conclusion of the browsing session. Session cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website.

Analytical and Advertising Cookies: In addition to session cookies, we utilize longer-term cookies that remain on your hard disk. Upon subsequent visits, these cookies automatically recognize your prior visits, retaining your preferred inputs and settings. Stored on your hard disk, these cookies are automatically deleted after 30 days. They enhance the user-friendliness, effectiveness, and security of our website. Their sole purpose is to tailor our content to your needs and ensure an enjoyable browsing experience.

A comprehensive list of all used cookies is available here.

2.2 What information is stored in the cookies?

Our cookies store only pseudonymous data. Upon activation, each cookie is assigned an identification number, with no personal data linked to it. Information such as your name, IP address, or any data that could directly identify you is not stored within the cookie. We only receive aggregated information, including which pages were visited and which products were viewed.

2.3 What does onsite targeting involve?

Cookies collect data on WORLDEF websites to optimize our advertising and overall online experience. This data, pseudonymously evaluated, is not used for personal identification but aims to assess the usage of our pages. Through click-stream analysis, this technology allows us to present advertising, special offers, and services based on your browsing history. Our goal is to make our offerings as relevant as possible and provide advertising aligned with your interests.

2.4 Do third-party suppliers also use cookies (known as “third-party cookies”)?

WORLDEF collaborates with various web partners to enhance our websites’ appeal. Consequently, cookies from these companies may be stored on your hard disk during your website visits. These cookies are automatically deleted after a specified period and solely contain pseudonymous or anonymous aggregated data. This data encompasses the pages you viewed, purchases made, or signups completed. Some advertising partners collect information on your prior website visits to display advertising that aligns with your interests.

2.5 Retargeting

Our websites employ re-targeting technologies to make our offerings more captivating. This allows users who previously expressed interest in our events to receive relevant advertising on our partners’ websites. Utilizing cookie technology and analyzing past usage behavior, this form of advertising remains entirely pseudonymous. Cookies are deployed during site visits, collecting and utilizing usage data. Furthermore, your data is stored in cookies beyond the browsing session for future website visits.

2.6 How can you prevent cookie storage?

In your browser settings, you can specify that cookie storage is permissible only with your consent, preventing further storage in the future. If you wish to accept only WORLDEF cookies, excluding those from our service providers and partners, you can select the browser setting “Block third-party cookies.” Typically, the ‘Help’ function in your web browser’s menu bar provides guidance on rejecting new cookies and deactivating existing ones. For information on modifying cookie settings in popular browsers, visit the following links: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox.

3-Log Files

Upon each visit to the WORLDEF website, the respective Internet browser transmits usage data stored in server log files. These records include details such as the date and time of access, page name, IP address, referrer URL, data transfer quantities, product information, and browser version. We analyze these log files to enhance our websites, ensuring user-friendliness, rapid error detection and correction, and efficient server capacity management. Log files are also instrumental in safeguarding our site against attacks, such as DDOS attacks aimed at overloading access.

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