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Experience the Unforgettable International E-Commerce Event!

Prepare to be swept into the heart of the digital revolution as WORLDEF and Dubai CommerCity proudly presents an international e-commerce event like no other! Set against the backdrop of innovation, this electrifying gathering promises groundbreaking opportunities that will redefine the future of the trading world.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of history in the making. Reserve your place now and seize the opportunity to witness firsthand the pinnacle of the digital revolution at Dubai CommerCity’s International E-Commerce Event!

Some of Our Speakers

They will present actionable insights, data-driven knowledge and innovative ideas on e-commerce, retail technology and more.

Arjun Sarkar

Senior Director | Dubai Commerce City

Erdem İnan

CEO | Trendyol Group

Nikola Ilchev

Founder | eCommerce Academy

Nilhan Onal Gökçetekin

CEO | Hepsiburada

Krystel Abi-Assi

CEO | AmazonSellers Society

Lado Kandelaki

Founder | Ecommerce Association Georgia

Mehmet Metin Okur

CEO | Sefamerve

Marcin Piekarczyk

Head of E-Commerce | Wafi Group


The e-commerce technology-focused event offers a unique networking opportunity. Engage with industry leaders in the evolving e-commerce technology landscape, exchange ideas, and establish strategic connections. Enhance your business opportunities with dynamic collaborations and invaluable partnerships.

B2B with Suppliers

Directly engage with e-commerce-focused suppliers. Seize the opportunity to review product sourcing, production trends, and supply chain strategies. Forge efficient B2B collaborations with suppliers and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic e-commerce market.

New Customers

Discover customers focused on e-commerce technologies. Develop new strategies to reach your customers. Interact with potential customers and explore trend solutions to expand your customer base. Enhance your business’s access to the industry and develop lasting strategies in customer relationships

Retail Technology

Important opportunities await you to discover e-commerce and retail technology trends and enhance your business. Listen to industry experts’ experiences in innovative panels and workshops, and stay up-to-date with technological advancements. Uncover your potential and take your e-commerce and retail business to new dimensions.

Peter Umundum, Chairman of the Board of Aras Kargo, Member of the Board of Directors of Austrian Post and President of the Vienna Economic Forum, said: "I came here to participate in WORLDEF. I am proud to speak to this large crowd of people. There has been a great rise in e-commerce in the last decade."

"As the President of the New York Chamber of Commerce, I am proud to visit Turkey. I eagerly look forward to working with the great people of this nation."

Mark Jaffe - President of the New York Chamber of Commerce
"WORLDEF is a convenient place for us to meet Allegro sellers in Turkey. We are here to meet new sellers, establish connections, and conduct meetings."

"We are at WORLDEF to see SMEs, undertake strategic operations, and fully reveal and enhance the potential of Turkey."

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